External arm

AGRO-SUR company offers spraying arms for field production, thanks to which watering is carried out with very high accuracy, ensuring efficient water management.

The supporting structure of the arms is made of galvanized steel. The system of wires stretching the arms ensures the proper balance of the entire sprinkler. The device is equipped with a number of safety systems ensuring its proper operation. This allows you to limit the travel range and recall the device to the selected position.

Irrigation nozzles and dispenser

Irrigation nozzles

The irrigation nozzles are made of high-quality stainless steel. The outlet slot is protected by a collar that protects the nozzle against mechanical damage. The nozzles are located on the arm in two parallel rows at a distance of 50 cm (1st row - irrigation, 2nd row - spraying). The edge nozzles located at the edges of the irrigation row allow very precise sprinkling.

Proportional dispenser

The water network connected Dosatron dispenser is mounted on the arm, and its only driving force is the water pressure. Under its influence, the mechanism sucks in the dense preparation, dispenses a specific portion of it, and then mixes it with water. The dosed amount of the injected preparation is always proportional to the amount of water flowing through the Dosatron - regardless of any changes in the water flow rate or water pressure in the network.

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