During over 20 years, we have completed hundreds of investment projects related to turnkey construction, modernization and equipment of greenhouses, plastic tunnels and other horticulture facilities. See our recent projects.

Film block for 3-hectare horticulture production

10 February 2022
3-hectare film block with accessories for horticultural production. Solid structure, modern systems and ergonomic solutions.

Film block 9984 M2

22 October 2021
In the village of Konarzynki, a modern, innovative structure film block of the Agro-Sur company with an area of 9.984m2 was built.

Świdnik garden centre

24 August 2018
A modern garden centre made of a high-quality, anti-corrosive and galvanized steel structure was built in Świdnik. The load-bearing elements of the structure were additionally covered with a fire-resistant paint coating.

25m wide-span tunnel

8 June 2018
The latest construction made by Agro-Sur is a film tunnel with a width of 25m. The onion-shaped tunnel is a structure made of welded steel trusses. The structure of the facility is fully protected against harmful corrosive conditions.

864 m2 garden centre

8 June 2018
Zahradnictvi Malinković centre was designed as a 3-aisle building with a total width of 36m and a length of 30m, including 6m of the roofing itself. This means a total of 864 m2 of internal commercial space and 216 m2 of roofed external space.

6-hectare greenhouse complex

8 June 2018
Exactly on May 5, Agro-Sur celebrated its 20th anniversary. This date coincided with the commissioning of the investment that Agro-Sur implemented in Ukininkas Audrius Juska, Lithuania. The greenhouse is one of the most modern facilities in Europe.

The highest and the widest wide-span tunnel 20m x 50m

8 June 2018
The ridge 9.5 m high and 20.00 m wide wide-span tunnel was built near the town of Dąbrowa Białostocka. It is the tallest facility of this width included in the Agro-Sur portfolio. The facility with an area of 1000 m2 has been equipped with a system of shade/thermal curtains, a clima 16 climate controller and an arm sprinkler.

Ostróda garden centre

8 June 2018
A beautiful garden centre based on a greenhouse structure was created in Ostróda. The building with an area of 405 m2 consists of a nave and a roof. The entire building is 7.3 meters high and made of the highest quality materials, and meets all the standards for our climate zone.

Gdańsk film tunnels

8 June 2018
Agro-Sur company has completed the construction of an educational facility for the Landscape Architecture and Trade and Services School Complex at Czyżewskiego 31 street in Gdańsk.

Film block of 6,144,00 m2

8 June 2018
A modern AGRO-SUR FILM BLOCK with an area of 6,144.00 m2 was built near Łubów (wielkopolska district). The facility consisting of 6 aisles, 9.60 m each meant for production purposes and 2 aisles meant for logistic purposes, will be used mainly for the production of chrysanthemums, but also bedding flowers.