Film tunnels

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We manufacture and install film tunnels. Thanks to our experience, we are able to quickly and efficiently carry out the tasks entrusted to us.

Film tunnels enable the intensive cultivation of thermophilic plants such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. They also provide accelerated growth of cruciferous vegetables and ornamental plants. In winter, they provide protection against frost for all kinds of nursery crops.

Regardless of the weather, our garden foil tunnels have ideal conditions for plant growth. There is always a specific microclimate inside the simple, arched garden structures. The temperature and humidity are higher there than outside, which often determines the quality of the crop. Optimum plant growth is achieved through the use of specialized solutions combined with modern, original technologies.

How do film tunnels work?

The yearlong garden tunnels are usually simple aluminium or steel structures. The galvanized elements form the structure, which is then covered with double inflated foil. Our own-made materials meet all European standards, and are also characterized by excellent transmittance of light, which reaches even the lower parts of plants. As an experienced manufacturer of film tunnels, we also thought about the technology that would prevent water condensate from being collected on the structure walls.