Yearlong detached tunnels

We offer detached tunnels intended for the intensive vegetables and flowers cultivation, for nursery crop production and for storage purposes.

Yearlong detached tunnels are covered with double inflated film. With an additional airbag high thermal insulation is obtained, which directly affects heating costs, and thus – the entire production costs. Double inflated film, thanks to the airbag being constantly maintained by the time-controlled pump system, allows for energy consumption optimization and ensures maximum safety of the facility.

The solid structure is made of galvanized steel profiles, which guarantees a full anti-corrosion protection. The housing can be made of PVC panels or a single or double layer of anti-condensation film, resistant to UV radiation. Appropriate air pressure is maintained between the foil layers, which ensures perfect thermal insulation and constant tension of the coating. This means that structures of this type require a minimum amount of energy to ensure the optimal climate for a given crop.

Technical specification of AGRO-SUR film tunnels:

During the implementation of projects, we use our company's many years of experience and original solutions, which allows us to obtain the film longevity combined optimal light transmittance. 

  • nave width: 7 m, 8 m, 9 m, 9,60 m, 10 m, 12 m;
  • distances between the poles: 2 m;
  • straight section height: from 1,50 m to 2,20 m;
  • ventilation: top, along the roof length;
  • film mounted from the bottom by clipping in.

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The advantages of AGRO-SUR detached tunnels

The perfect climate throughout the year
Thanks to the automatic greenhouse equipment automatic control systems
Money saving
Lower construction cost as compared to the greenhouse construction costs
Time conservation
Short installation and PCV panelling time
Light transmittance
Good natural light transmittance
All-season durability and versatile application purposes
Compliance with European standards and regulations as recommended for steel structures