About us


Our history

The AGRO-SUR team has been gaining experience in Poland and on foreign markets since the beginning of the 1990s.

Intensive development, accompanied by the constant expansion of the offer and a more and more extensive cooperation with the leading EU suppliers of gardening solutions, today pays off in the form of the highest quality goods and services as well as professional and comprehensive customer service. We have managed to gain the opinion of a producer of the most technologically advanced solutions for horticulture in the field of facilities intended for intensive protected horticulture and their equipment.

AGRO-SUR - Custom solutions

Custom solutions

We offer a wide range of our own products - created from design to turnkey assembly at the customer's or the ones prepared for self-assembly. 

Products with a proprietary name of the AGRO-SUR trademark are characterized by their own design based on our proprietary design and at least 50% in-house production, using over 20 years of experience in the horticultural industry.

Shade/thermal curtain systems
Venlo and wide span greenhouses
Film tunnels
Greenhouse climate control
Rolling and fixed flood bench systems
Irrigation system
Heating systems in greenhouse facilities
Garden centres

In 2000, our products were registered in the database of the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Machines in Poznań and in the Data Bank of machines and devices for agriculture and forestry under the name "AGRO-SUR greenhouse horticulture technological process control system". The registered products include a system of shade/thermal and darkening curtains, climate management controls, flood benches and plant assimilation devices. 

Our mission

Our mission, as it is being carried out through the production, improvement and distribution of the latest technologies for horticultural and agricultural production, is to minimize energy consumption, and hence, to reduce CO2 emissions to the natural environment.

We have developed our own greenhouse construction projects and software to optimize horticultural production with minimal energy consumption.

We focus on a highly insulating pneumatic coating made of double film separated by an airbag, as well as on heat recuperation systems and renewable energy sources. We have mastered the use of thermal insulation and shade curtain systems that support energy management in film-covered hothouses and greenhouses.

We support the technology of illuminating crops with lamps using economical light sources - such as special SparTube fluorescent lamps or LED lamps.

Through the trouble-free operation of our systems and minimal maintenance and service costs, we promote quality and long-term savings.

In order to increase production with less energy consumption, we implemented the use of conceptual ergonomics in the design of growing benches, focusing on better use of these tools by gardeners.

We are also a member of the positive energy program


The quality offered is reflected not only in customer satisfaction, but also in numerous awards and certificates that have been awarded to us throughout the entire period of our activity.

To meet the market demand, we applied for, and in 2002 we received the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Certificate. This certificate is the best confirmation of the introduction of an optimal quality policy to the management system and allows for effective competition on the European Union markets. After subsequent audit verifications, it is a constant point of reference and quality improvement both in terms of services and products manufactured.

MEDIA PARTNER GROUP awarded us with the EUROPEAN STANDARD 2007 emblem. This is just another example of the confirmation of the highest quality of our products and the compliance of the company's activities with all EU requirements and standards. Our achievements also include numerous industry awards, given during domestic and foreign events.

We have a Certificate of Registration issued by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland regarding the exclusive right to use a trademark.