Refrigeration systems

Looking for professional storage and refrigeration solutions for your produce?

Discover the REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS for fruit, vegetables and crops by AGRO-SUR.

To store fruit and vegetables properly, you need a low temperature which slows down the ripening and protects the produce from pathogenic fungi.

The refrigeration systems by Agro-Sur enable cooling of fruits and vegetables from the temperature of +20oC to +5oC in about 24h, which allows to stop the most intensive ripening process.

When storing pome fruits (apples, pears), it is required that the difference between the average air temperature in the cold room and the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant is as small as possible. The difference should not exceed 5oC.

Depending on your needs and the purpose of the cold room, we offer two types of refrigeration systems:

  • With direct refrigerant evaporation
    These systems are characterised by a quick response to temperature changes in the cold room. They allow fast cooling of crops. For this reason, installations of this type are commonly used in rapid cooling chambers, where the goods are not kept for more than 36 hours.

  • With indirect refrigerant evaporation
    These systems are characterised by high accuracy and stability of the set temperature. They enable long-term storage of produce thanks to the possibility of using temperature sensors for the heat transfer medium and flow control valves. Fabric air ducts are also used to minimise the difference between the temperature of the cooling air and the temperature of the produce stored.

Freezing chambers

Looking for a professional freezing chamber for your business? Choose Agro-Sur.
We are perfectly aware that eating raw fruit and vegetables is the best way to provide your body with vitamins and micronutrients.

Why use an agro-sur freezing chamber?

Vegetables and fruit frozen immediately after harvesting retain a high nutritional value, which is comparable to their fresh counterparts. Freezing only slightly alters the nutritional value of foods and reduces the amount of microorganisms brought in with the fruit by 80%. The freezing water contained in the products forms fine crystals and becomes unavailable for the bacteria that need it in their metabolic processes. Properly conducted technological processes significantly reduce the level of microbial contamination.

Freezing of produce is carried out in a tunnel freezer on openwork conveyor belts with a mechanical drive system.  All fruit and vegetables are frozen using the free-flow method, with the exception of leaf vegetables.

Pre-packaged produce and fruit with an addition of sugar or syrup can also be frozen in tunnel freezers or contact freezers. The freezing time in the tunnel freezer depends on the type of produce, the speed of the cooling air flow and its temperature. An intense stream of frozen air blows over the produce, causing it to freeze. Once packaged, the goods are placed in freezing chambers, where traditional refrigeration systems maintain the temperature of the produce and its packaging at the intended level, e.g. -20oC.

In Agro-Sur, we also use special coolers with shutters that close the cooler unit, and air ducts mounted on fans. As a result, the produce is not exposed to temperature fluctuations, so the operation of our chambers is economically sustainable.

Grain storage cold rooms

Recent studies conducted by leading companies in the seed grains production market show that grains stored in rooms with a lower temperature allow obtaining a higher sprouting rate in even worse conditions and therefore, an increased yield per hectare, as long as they are given proper care and fertilisation in the vegetation process.

This is why we introduce the GRAIN STORAGE COLD ROOMS by Agro-Sur, which provide the most suitable temperature that can be maintained throughout the year, while inhibiting the growth of mould and all kinds of fungi and pests.

Ice water units

Depending on the local conditions and the Client's preferred solutions, in order to achieve the required cooling effect we use ice water units which, when combined with carefully selected coolers, enable maintaining the necessary low temperature in the summer, while meeting the requirement to keep the temperature differences at a minimum level.

Reversible heat pumps

The second option adopted by Agro-Sur is reversible heat pumps, which maintain the set temperature throughout the year, cool the rooms in warm periods and heat them in winter. We select these units carefully, so they are suited for the cold room, for the cooler or heater.

More rooms, one cooling unit

Where several cold rooms are to operate with a single cooling unit, it is advisable to use cooling units with refrigeration systems divided into sections, which will significantly contribute to energy savings. This solution also guarantees uninterrupted operation, even with a malfunction of one section of the unit, as it allows the unit and the remaining sections to keep operating independently. Another solution is to use cooling units with stepless regulation.

The so-called inverter units, thanks to advanced algorithms, are able to adjust the output of the unit by analysing the rate at which the set temperature is reached, and increase or decrease the output as necessary, while maintaining the set temperature for the shortest possible operating time, at the lowest possible cost.

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