Growing Benches

AGRO-SUR growing bench designs are created by our Design Department, taking into account all the needs related to horticultural production process.

In the design process, we take into account all phases of horticulture, starting from production, through storage, and ending with the sale of plants. We take into account the work system and conditions in the greenhouse - so as to use the cultivated area in the best possible way. Growing benches are created using the principles of conceptual ergonomics. This means that in our projects we place emphasis on the best use of the material, as well as saving human labour by adjusting the final product, among others to the height and reach of the arms of a person. This allows you to optimize the price of final products and the quality of their use.

We have flood and rolling growing benches in our portfolio. We use only the best materials to make them. The quality of the welding process is confirmed by the certificate of the Welding Institute. Table tops, corners, as well as reinforcement of the table top bases are constructed of aluminium profiles, and the flood surfaces are made of profiled polystyrene by the Danish company Stal&Plast. The benches can be used in conjunction with the various technological systems used in greenhouses.

Our benches:

AGRO-SUR growing bench models available:

  • fixed growing benches;
  • roller mobile growing benches;
  • growing benches with feet screwed to the ground (e.g. floor coating);
  • concrete-embedded feet growing tables.

Bench top structure types available:

  • 110 mm high aluminium profile tops;
  • aluminium profile corner and reinforcements (aluminium crossbars welded every 0,50 m).

Depending on the greenhouse system, our offer includes:

  • growing benches  adapted to the installation of under-bench heating pipes;
  • H-shaped supports made of steel or galvanized profiles;
  • concrete supports;
  • rolling growing benches with additional 2 galvanized pipes to be used as mobile pipes.

Flood plane materials possible: 

  • plastic – thick, profiled polystyrene tanks;
  • aluminium sheet.

AGRO-SUR growing bench technical data:

  • flood bench standard insert widths: 0,8 m, 1,0 m, 1,2 m, 1,4 m, 1,6 m, 1,7 m, 1,8 m, 2,0 m, 2,2 m;
  • length: optional, according with the Client’s specification; 
  • rolling bench maximum displacement: 58 cm;
  • working height range: 75-95 cm.

The benefits of using the AGRO-SUR production tables.

Increased efficiency
Improved economy and working conditions
Using the potential
The facility’s area and usable space optimal development
More space for growing crops
Increasing the cultivation area by up to 20%
More mobility
Rolling benches are a mobile solution