Automatic controls

We have been cooperating with European leaders in the production of solutions based on digital electronics and industrial information technology for many years.

Non-standard solutions

In addition to standard controllers, we offer non-standard solutions with parameters tailored to the individual needs of the customer, which are based on a wide range of industrial controllers - from simple electronic systems, through processor controllers, to PLC controllers.

Automatic controls maintenance

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for automatic controls - both provided by us and by external companies. Experienced and helpful service technicians are at your disposal.

Proven controllers by the Spanish company INTA

We offer a full range of INTA controllers. INTA CDC provides operation of devices with the possibility of adapting control options to individual climates. The controllers read data from a weather station equipped with sensors for wind speed, wind direction, temperature, sunshine and rainfall. The controllers, while analysing the data from internal sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2 saturation, temperature of the heating system), control the operation of the actuators. The SYSCLIMA software allows you to view and edit data on climatic conditions in a given facility and to keep a full data archive. The system can be controlled remotely.

A simple and economical controller by our brand AGRO-CLIMA

AGRO-CLIMA is a basic controller that ensures reliable and intuitive management of devices in blocks and foil tunnels. The controller is designed to operate one-sided vents, shade, pump and foil. Works with data from the weather station. Internal sensors measure air temperature and humidity.