We provide shade/thermal and darkening curtain systems based on materials from reputable companies, including IFG Cresco, Ludvig Svensson and Novavert, with different shade/thermal and darkening parameters.

For the assembly of systems, we use components from companies such as Ridder, De Gier and Somfy. Shade/thermal and darkening curtains are a solution that can significantly affect the factors determining the growth of plants (temperature, light, humidity and air composition). These factors must be managed in an optimal way to ensure that the investment and operating costs of the facility are minimized.
Thanks to the high-quality materials, experienced staff, comprehensive service and personalized solutions, our curtains gain appreciation of Polish, and more and more often also of the foreign horticultural farms.
The improvement of the insulating properties of fabrics is achieved by woven or glued aluminium strips on the fabric. The greater the thermal insulation, the greater the shading, which is why we choose the fabrics optimally for the specific crop cultivation.

Types of drive systems available:

  • wire system - its pulling element is a stainless or steel galvanized wire wound around the shaft;
  • rack and pinion system - its pulling element is a steel pipe driven by a gear with a gear rack;
  • rolling systems – their driving element is a gear motor with an aluminium or galvanized pipe, around which the fabric or film is wound

Curtain installation in non-standard facilities

We specialize in the implementation of non-standard orders. We have developed our own rack and pinion drive system used in foil blocks. We offer decorative and utility curtains to garden centres, allowing not only to limit exposure to light, but also to improve the aesthetics of the facility. These curtains can be installed horizontally, vertically, trapezoidally or in roof slopes.