Inner arm sprinkler

We are a manufacturer of a sprinkler for greenhouse crops. The internal sprinkler arm has a CE safety mark that allows for precise watering, ensuring efficient water management.

The device consists of a system of suspended rails on which a trolley moves with an attached spray arm equipped with two types of nozzles. The device is controlled by a special controller with software developed by our company on the basis of many years of experience in the industry and excellent knowledge of the Polish market specific nature. 

The control variables are entered by the user using a colour LCD touch interface. The device has a protection in the form of contactless magnetic limit switches and photoelectric barriers that check the space in front of the arm during its movement. Failure alarms are signalled by LED indicators. The controller enables the division of the cultivation area into 10 independent zones.

Technical data:

Selected options:

  • smooth programming of the movement speed
  • selectable fertilization/watering option
  • selectable left/right/both sides of the arm
  • selectable small or big irrigation nozzles
  • manual start
  • start – one cycle
  • loop start
  • start based on a day/week clock
  • externally programmed start (e.g. by means of the climate computer) - in case of an automatic start, when the set temperature is exceeded, the fertilizer - water programmed option is changed
  • quick call button

Basic technical data:

  • length: up to 110 m;
  • width: up to 12,8 m;
  • a powerful 1,0-22 m/min. speed drive system;
  • a complete set of drive rails, holders, hoses and power cables, including holders for attaching rails to the structure of the facility.

Irrigation nozzles and dispenser:

Irrigation nozzles

The irrigation nozzles are made of high-quality stainless steel. The outlet slot is protected by a collar that protects the nozzle against mechanical damage. The nozzles are located on the arm in two parallel rows at a distance of 50 cm (1st row - irrigation, 2nd row - spraying). The edge nozzles located at the edges of the irrigation row allow very precise sprinkling.

Technical data of the irrigation nozzles:

  • working pressure ranges: from 2 to 5 bar;
  • liquid jet angle: 120 O;
  • liquid flow: from 1,61 to 2,6 l/min.

Proportional dispenser

The water network connected Dosatron dispenser is mounted on the arm, and its only driving force is the water pressure. Under its influence, the mechanism sucks in the dense preparation, dispenses a specific portion of it, and then mixes it with water. The dosed amount of the injected preparation is always proportional to the amount of water flowing through the Dosatron - regardless of any changes in the water flow rate or water pressure in the network.​​​​​​​

Technical data of the dispenser:

  • external adjustment range: from 0,2% to 2,0%;
  • pressure range: from 0,3 to 6 bar;
  • dosage range: from 1 l/h to 160 l/h.

Fertilization/treatment tank stand.