Film blocks

AGRO-SUR offers modern greenhouses for the intensive cultivation of vegetables, flowers and nursery plant production, as well as for storage and commercial purposes (garden centres).

Film blocks have high thermal insulation properties ensuring the top level energy efficiency, which has been confirmed by means of thermovision measurements. This means that this type of greenhouse requires only a minimum amount of energy to provide an optimal growing climate.

We use our over 20 years of experience and many original solutions that guarantee extended longevity and optimal light transmittance. Thanks to the air cushion constantly controlled by a system of time-controlled pumps, the double film solution allows for energy consumption optimization. The housing can be made of optional polycarbonate chambered plates.

The solid structure is made of galvanized steel profiles ensuring full anti-corrosion protection.

Technical parameters of a typical AGRO-SUR greenhouse

The modules have the following fixed parameters:

  • the module (nave) width: 8,0 m, 9,0 m, 9,6 m and 12 m;
  • a typical facility width will be a multiple of a module width;
  • modules of different widths can be grouped within one facility;
  • the module (field) length is determined by the spacing of load-bearing supports grouped as follows:
  Support Spacing
External supports 2 m 2,5 m *3 m
Internal supports 2 / 4 m 2,5 / 5 m *3 m

*for a 12,80 m module

  • the facility length is a multiple of the external field length;
  • the structure’s total height is determined by the sum of the side wall height (from the base to the gutter) and the arch height (from the gutter to the ridge);
  • the typical film block side wall height is a variable value and may be ranging from 3.50 m to 5.0 m;
  • the height of the arch in relation to the given width of the aisle is constant and amounts to:
nave width 8 m 9 m 9,6 m
arch height 2,44 m 2,59 m 2,73 m

Greenhouse bearing characteristics

Greenhouse designs have been developed taking into account the climatic conditions in Eastern Europe - in accordance with applicable standards.


To ensure the best conditions for growing crops, our greenhouses are equipped with a system of automated devices, which additionally increases energy savings or ensures its best use. This system includes shade-thermal curtains which, depending on the weather conditions, either limit overheating or retain the supplied heat for a longer period of time.

Additional equipment in the form of irrigation or heating systems is available as a turnkey option.

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The advantages of AGRO-SUR film greenhouses

Thanks to a properly designed structure, the greenhouses are durable and resistant to all external (rain, snow, wind) and internal factors, resulting from the loads that the crops are being subject to (tomato, cucumber).
The greenhouses are adapted to the installation of any horticulture technological processes control systems, i.e. shade-thermal and darkening curtains, rolling and fixed benches, growth lamps, irrigation systems, heating, etc.
Thanks to the use of UV filter double inflated film of various thicknesses, the durability of the coating in Polish climatic conditions reaches up to 10 years.
Service integrity
The possibility of implementing turnkey projects