Film and accessories

We offer top-class garden films intended for covering various types of greenhouses in which intensive crop cultivation is carried out.

The material we use for the production of film has unique parameters, including excellent diffusion effect. In practice, this means that our films provide optimal diffusion of natural light, which reaches as deep as the lower parts of the cultivated plants. We are proud to have exemplary results of tests on the transmittance of sunlight. The light transmission of our garden foils is as high as 91%.

The product has been enriched with an innovative anti-fog system that ensures protection against the moisture accumulation and water vapour condensation on the walls of the tunnel. The anti-condensation technology is designed to work even when the temperature difference between the inside of the building and its surroundings is significant. The reliability of the anti-fog technology is confirmed by the 3-year warranty period.

We know how troublesome dust settling on the surface of the tunnel can be. Removing tarpaulin dust often requires a lot of effort. With the help of our product, the dust problem will become much less bothersome.


At the request of scientific and cultural institutions, we implement projects related to the construction, renovation and modernization of greenhouses, film tunnels and other facilities forming part of garden architecture.

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