864 m2 garden centre

Published: 8 June 2018

Zahradnictvi Malinković centre was designed as a 3-aisle building with a total width of 36m and a length of 30m, including 6m of the roofing itself. This means a total of 864 m2 of internal commercial space and 216 m2 of roofed external space. The height of 4.5 m up to the gutter point, glazed external walls, roof windows and large internal and external doors, give a sense of space and comfort, and the white paint-coated structure and bright finishes additionally illuminate and emphasize the display of the offered products. The casing of the structure was designed using two production techniques. The walls of the nave were made using a warm facade system with composite glass, and the roof was covered in sandwich panels with a double roof window filled with polycarbonate cellular sheet. The walls and roof of the other two aisles were covered with partly translucent and partly milky double inflated film. Interestingly, the structure of the foiled naves is prepared for the future cladding with the sandwich panel system and the glazing of the walls. The roofs of the naves 2 and 3 have already been equipped with roof windows and purlins, and the walls have been reinforced with transoms for attaching panels or muntins. Due to the use of a cheaper housing solution (film), such preparation of the structure reduces the initial cost of the investment and enables trouble-free and low-cost modernization of the facility in the future as the company grows.