Experimental greenhouse for Wielkopolska Center of Advanced Technologies in Poznań

Published: 10 July 2014

In 2014, one of the most complex projects under the Wielkopolska Center for Advanced Technologies task was completed. The AGRO-SUR company made an experimental greenhouse with the accompanying technical infrastructure. We implemented the project comprehensively - from carrying out construction works (earth and reinforced concrete works, insulation, steel structure, polycarbonate casing, wall cladding), to the specialized equipment delivery (fans, autoclaves, heating equipment, freon coolers, UV lamps, sodium lamps, water and sewage installations water treatment and demineralization, linear drainage, underfloor sewage system, sewage septic tanks, heating installations and pumping systems.) The facility was also equipped with insect nets, shading and darkening curtains, vertical roller curtains, fogging installation in each camera, water and nutrient sterilization system, nutrient recirculation system, plant fertilization and irrigation system, disinfection paddling pools, bactericidal lamps and growing benches with PCV inserts.