576 m2 film block in Łask near Łódź

Published: 5 June 2018

In the town of Łask, a foil block for nursery production with an area of 576 m2, covered with double inflated film was made by Agro-Sur. The facility consists of two aisles, 9.6 m wide and 30 m long. The total height is 7.23 m. The block was equipped with a Bonar TF shade-thermal curtain system and a weather station climate computer to control the following elements:

  • top vent in the leeward/windward system,
  • shade-thermal curtain,
  • heating (on/off),
  • foil inflating,
  • fans,
  • cycle program.

Additionally, Agro-Sur company made a shade box for storing shrubs, the parameters of which allow for 12 seasons of reliable operation. Both the equipment block and the shade box can be used for both floriculture and horticulture, which gives farms great flexibility in changing economic conditions.