During over 20 years, we have completed hundreds of investment projects related to turnkey construction, modernization and equipment of greenhouses, plastic tunnels and other horticulture facilities. See our recent projects.

10×40 curtained tunnel

8 June 2018
Near Wodzisław Śląski, in Olza, a film tunnel with a total area of 400.00 m2 was built by Agro-Sur company. The facility was equipped with curtains made of a shade-thermal fabric produced by the German company Novavert.

Garden centre near Gdynia

8 June 2018
A 3-nave block was built near Gdynia to be used as a garden centre. The facility with an area of 576 m2 has a total height of 6.73 m, one-sided top ventilation in each aisle and 3 doors with dimensions of 4.00 m x 3.70 m each, covered with cellular polycarbonate.

Greenhouses for The Nidzica Development Foundation

8 June 2018
In Nidzica, the Nature Observatory based on the greenhouse structure was designed and built by the Agr-Sur company for the Nidzica Development Foundation. The facility of 8 m x 12 m and a total height of 5.2 m will be used for research purposes.

Biała Podlaska 684 m2 blocked tunnel

8 June 2018
A new AGRO-SUR BLOCKED FILM TUNNEL has been built in Biała Podlaska. Two aisles with a width of 9.0 m and a length of 36.0 m give a total tunnel area of 648.00 m2. The total height of the facility is 5.40 m.

Promna 440 m2 film tunnel

5 June 2018
The horticultural and orchard farm in Promna near Białobrzegi in the Mazowieckie district has been enlarged by a new Agro-Sur film tunnel with dimensions of 8 m x 55 m and a total height of 4.90 m. 

576 m2 film block in Łask near Łódź

5 June 2018
In the town of Łask, a foil block for nursery production with an area of 576 m2, covered with double inflated film was made by Agro-Sur. The facility consists of two aisles, 9.6 m wide and 30 m long. The total height is 7.23 m.

Elbląg 1104 m2 film block

5 June 2018
A new film block with an area of 1104.00 m2 was built in Elbląg. Chrysanthemums are grown in 4 aisles in autumn, but the facility is adapted to all kinds of nursery and floriculture. Due to its total height of 6.73 cm, the block has excellent air circulation and provides optimal conditions for plant development.

Cyrzan tree and shrub nursery expansion

5 June 2018
The next stage of the Cyrzan tree and shrub nursery expansion has begun. Another 3 aisles of the block will be built as a garden centre, which will give the nursery a total area of 4,262.40 m2.

Greenhouse – palm house in Kudowa-Zdrój

1 September 2015
In September, a palm house based on a greenhouse structure was commissioned, the project was implemented by the commune of Kudowa-Zdrój.

Experimental greenhouse for Wielkopolska Center of Advanced Technologies in Poznań

10 July 2014
In 2014, one of the most complex projects under the Wielkopolska Center for Advanced Technologies task was completed. The AGRO-SUR company made an experimental greenhouse with the accompanying technical infrastructure.